Episode 2: Random Strikes Back

October 16, 2012

Well, here we go again. A new set of notes. Yes, I’m being rather hard on Gunpei at the moment. Yes, he’s an asshole.

Go-Onger ep 2

  • Recap: We got chased here by the Engine. Curse them.
  • New monster: a water polluter.
  • Holo-Engine!
  • Lol Sousuke sleeping through recap.
  • You know, looking at it… they kind of act like a family. Sousuke’s the immature brat, Ren’s the older brother and Saki’s… the sister. That’s about all I can say about her.
  • So, Pipe Banki is our monster. Starts by polluting a… Ren, why are you taking notes? That’s MY job!
  • Evil puddles?
  • Um… Engines, don’t distract your partners. Oh, wait, it’s Sentai, you can do a full sonnet and they still wouldn’t attack.
  • Sniper Shoot and Machine Shoot. They name everything on this, don’t they?
  • ‘That should be enough for my test.’ *runs away*
  • Bomper and the casts are being kidnapped. By… Gunpei? It’s a douchequake!
  • Wait… why are Hanto and Gunpei surprised by things they knew last episode?
  • Oh, all this for exposition.
  • And again, Gunpei insults the Go-Onger. Man…
  • And back to the bad guys. Continuing the polluting story.
  • And back to Ren showing off.
  • I continue to prefer Dillon to Gunpei. Dillon at least has a reason for being an asshat. Gunpei’s just an asshat because script so far. Really hope that changes.
  • The bad guys using their ability to spy on the Go-Onger intelligently? Surprising.
  • Exposition! Why they were chosen.
  • So, we have a racer, a bus driver and… a food vendor? One of these things isn’t like the other.
  • Random rainbow field. How in the world did Bomper do that?
  • Gunpei calls them idiots, but if he hadn’t taken the Engine Casts, they wouldn’t be in this position!
  • Finally, Gunpei gets a clue. Only took him two episodes.
  • Big explosion and… Green and Black!
  • And… take a minute to role call… WHILE THE BANKI IS POISONING THE WATER! D’oi!
  • I never noticed Green and Black looking away in the line up.
  • And straight to Engine-Oh. Like I said, I kind of wish we’d get more individual mecha action.
  • ‘It’ll be easier to destroy a larger enemy.’ Um… no, you should have destroyed them while they were small.
  • Engine-Oh: Freeway to freedom.
  • And the world record holders for a long jump is… XD
  • Oh right, Kagereshia has a tendency to get toasted on alcohol. Forgot about that.
    This episode underlines of some of the things about Sentai and it’s ilk that confuses friends of mine, as well as how much of a moron Gunpei is at times. Seriously, I miss Dillon already.


    Pairing of the day!

    More of a ‘in general idea’ with this, Naruto Uzumaki, son of the King of Games, a Yu-Gi-Oh!/Naruto crossover.


Um… hi!

October 13, 2012

So, to whoever actually reads this, and I’m pretty sure that’s no one, I found it again! Hooray! And I know that I’m going to do with it. Huzah!

Aright, so for those who can’t be bothered reading the little summary of me thing I put up today I like Power Rangers. Bite me. I’m also a fan of the Japanese show Super Sentai which Power Rangers derives some of it’s footage and most of it’s costumes and ideas from (Best kept not secret ever). So, the other day I decided to rewatch Engine Sentai Go-Onger which I never actually finished. For some reason, I took some short, random notes that really make no sense and have no purpose. So they’re going up here. Enjoy.

Go-Onger ep 1


  • They’re racing the bad guys through Casino Night Zone? This is a battle?
  • Random ramp jump that Buson didn’t have before!
  • And our heroes are… kinda jerks to each other.
  • And the aim of the bad guys revealed! … Pollution. At least it’s not as preachy as Captain Planet.
  • Random English for no reason! Alright, it’s only ‘Okay’. Still!
  • Main theme is nice and happy. Fits the comedy I remember from the series. Also, spoiling the upcoming Black and Green. RPM was at least clever in trying to keep their identities secret before they got their powers.
  • First costumed battle. First sign that there’s more to the Go-Onger with the talking cells
  • Go-On Thrust, Drift and Spin. I don’t think they’re seen too often. Also Go-On Cannonball
  • Enter Hanto! Ziggy even had his Pizza bike. XD
  • Episode’s over already? *getsuptoleave,episodecontinues*
  • Wow, Gunpei’s an ass. ‘I don’t know anything about you guys, but I don’t think you’re worthy of protecting the Earth on the five seconds I’ve seen from you’.
  • Bad guy base. Let’s just confirm that they’re out to pollute the world.
  • The Bikkurium Energy is better than downloading a power up for growth. It actually explains where it comes from.
  • The three generals are a lot more intelligent in this, too, thankfully. I don’t think I could take the two morons from RPM again.
  • Bomper! And the TARDIS van!
  • Poor Hanto, just got his pizzas stolen.
  • Whoa, so Bikkurium energy isn’t just to make him grow? I Never noticed that before.
  • Theme song in the background? Bad guy loses. It’s instant.
  • Spin kick of justice!
  • Bad guy went to the Imperial Storm Trooper school of shooting.
  • Owned like a mofo.
  • Unleash the ugly oversized vehicle things!
  • Engines arrive!
  • The moving of the mouth parts makes so much more sense when the Engines actually talk. *glaresatRPM*
  • Individual mecha attacks. Pity it doesn’t happen very often.
  • Lol Buson’s like a tank, just drives right through them.
  • Combo time! Begin minute long combination that isn’t attacked or interrupted!
  • Interesting that the Gaiark didn’t know about Engine-Oh.
  • The first Mech Switchblade: Go-On Sword!
  • The only thing we don’t copy from Gekisou Giri is the spin out. XD
  • I love how the mecha are all a part of the team in this one.
  • Two guy that want to join the team? RUN AWAY!! Also, we continue to see Gunpei’s assholishness in action; he’s somehow come to the conclusion that, despite the Engine only having a role as weapon batteries and mecha, they’re the reason the Go-Onger are so effective and again tries to take their place.
    I’ve actually been having some trouble getting these up today. Here’s hoping this one works. Now, what am I forgetting… Oh, right!


    Buffy Summer/Tommy Oliver. Because I’m weird like that.

Greetings, Programs!

December 19, 2010
Hallo to whatever poor sap is reading this! It’s-a me, Mario… no wait, it’s not!
So, I just returned from seeing Tron Legacy, a sequel around 25 years in the making. Was it worth the wait.
Hell. Yes.
The story doesn’t QUITE continue from where the original left off, in fact there’s a fair bit that happens between the two that is touched on in various flashbacks. The cast, with the return of the originals and a few new guys, was fairly solid in my mind. A lot of digital effects, which one would expect from this movie, 3D that was well done, a switch from 2-3D with the feel of the B&W to Colour switch from the Wizard of Oz was just some of the visual successes. The landscape was everything you remember from the original, with some very nice easter eggs and redesigns. Nice actions sequances… I really can’t say anything bad about this movie. I’m trying, but… I just enjoyed it too much. I could say they left some really obvious openings for sequels, but that’s not really a surprise.
All in all? I love this movie. You should all go see it. Now.
Oh, and bug Disney to re-release the original. Stingy…
Fic of the day: What else? Buffy/Tron. The Moloch episode is just BEGGING for some Tronifying. Seriously.

The Horror that is my Mind

August 19, 2010

Anyone who’s actually reading this (is that anyone? Could you let me know) probably looks at my blog title and wonders ‘Why does he call it ‘Ravings of a Lunatic’? He seems pretty sane’. You probably might get a glimmer at my ‘pairing/fic idea of the day’ thing at the end of ecach posting.

This is absolutely nothing to the horrors that come up in my warped imagination.

A short list of these include:

SuperNaruto, son of the Silver Age Supergirl

SuperBuffy, daughter of the Golden Age Superman

Batgirl Buffy (Halloween)

Kamen Rider Buffy (several of)

Power Rangers/Dragonball

Power Rangers/Stargate

Transformers/Tomica Hero series

…Yeah, some of those should never meet and probably shouldn’t work, but in my mind they do. Welcome to my world. You poor, poor bastard.

Look what I found!

August 15, 2010

Holy lugnuts, i still have this? I’d totally forgotten this existed. Oops. (But really, does anyone even read this?)

ANYWAY, went and saw The Expendables today. I tink my voice broke again. Holy crap that was one hell of a testosterone filled ride. Explosions, guns, one HELL of a hand-to-hand fight scene, and, of course, the cameos by Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. ALL HAIL THE AWESOMESAUCE!

Also, my browsers spell checker knows Arnie’s name. Nice.

Pairing of the day: Naruto/Poison Ivy in a teacher student or mother child relationship. Hell yeah!

1,000 Horsepowers of Win

October 10, 2009

Went to an advanced screening of Hollywoods most recent remake offering, Astro Boy.

Epic. Fucking. Win.

Was it a carbon copy of either of the cartoons? No. Was it a carbon copy of the manga? No. Hollywood has taken their own spin on the classic Japanese series, added a list of big name talent including Charleze Therone, Donald Sutherland and Nicholas frikkin’ Cage and gone CG.

And it works. In my opinion it really does.

Now, I just know the usual complaints of ‘this isn’t like the original’ or the like are going to come up. And you know what? I don’t care. This movie was fantastic. Decent pacing, very nice story (the basics sticking close to he original while going another route for certain characters), entertaining action scenes and well done voice acting. The animation was smooth and well done, with kudos to Sutherland for pulling of a rather nasty warmonger.

The movie itself splits into three ‘arcs’: Astro’s origins, his rejection by Dr Tenma and ejection from the city, meeting his new friends and his adventures there, as well as gaining his name and finallly, his return tot he city, reunion with his father Tenma and the final climactic battle revealing exactly what Tenma packed into the pint-sized dynamite to keep ‘his son’ from dying again.

Tenma’s character changes drastically from what most are used to and Dr Elephun is shuffled to the background for him, which I don’t mind. Astro’s array of weapons is a combination of both series with both his arm cannon (double barrel, thank you) and ass guns (?!?!?!) making an appearance. Some of the plot is just a little out there (fragment of a star? Wouldn’t we be kind of… dead?) but fits well with what they wanted. And of course, that final scene at the end proving a heroes work is never done.

This movie was amazing. Everyone should see it. It had some moments where the story was questionable, but over all a solid 8 out of 10. Anyone who doesn’t liike this movie should be shot, hanged, drawn and quartered, boiled in oil, tarred and feathered and have their legs fried in butter. Or forced to watch a Uwe Boll movie. Either one works.

Pairing for the day: sibling Naruto/Ino. Cause i said so.


October 7, 2009

Gragh, my net is fucking annoying!! It took me around two hours to get it up and running today. Urgh. I’m just gonna blame the weather earlier. Yeah, that makes me feel better. Not.

Today’s ‘for the day’ is a full fic and not just a pairing. The idea? Buffy and four others do Halloween in costumes resembling the Voltron Force (lions, please. Thank you). When the Mayor does his snake transformation, force outside the fight decide to even things up and Buffy and co find themselves battling the Mayor with a nice shiny new Voltron.

What say thee?

Problem solved?

October 5, 2009

So, apparently the modem nees to be next to a window to have any sort of stability. Right. Nice system, Unwired, well done. *sigh* Oh well, at least it’s working. *net dies*

Just kidding. Anyway, long weekends are awesome,. and it’d be even more awesome if I had something to do. Wait… I do! Yes, my Space Wolves Codex came in on Saturday, which means i can begin planning my army and creating my characters. Although looking at Lukas the Trickster, I’m expecting some kind of Bat-character to counter his Jokeresque look. Seriously, if a 40K movie was made, Mark Hamil would be Lukas.

Pairing for the Day: Buffy/Thailog. Yes, I know, I’ve written that fic (really got to finish that) but i can’t help it, I think it’s my favourite pairing. Ever.


October 4, 2009

So, new internet which has all the stability of a house of cards on a plank balanced on an oil drum in the middle of hurricane does not equal fun. In fact, if I don’t shoot someone tomorrow when it inevitably falls on it’s ass, I’ll be very surprised. I might even faint from shock. It’s that bad. I’ve spent the last three days trying to coax some semblance of working out of it.

At least I won’t go over my download limit. I’m lucky if i can even get on Hotmail some days, forget about fuffing Youtube.

Pairing for the day: Raven (comic version)/Kakashi.


October 3, 2009

So, I finally have some kind of blog. What are you supposed to DO with these things anyway? It’s not like I’m going to log on and post ‘saved the world today. Also, Martian’s aren’t green. they’re pink with purple poker dots’. But anyway…

I’ll probably just use this to empty my head of fic ideas I’m not up to writing or something. Which means this is going to be filled with some of the most random rantings and pairings you’re going to see on the web. Consider yourself warned.

Let’s start with a pairing that’s been bugging me for a while: Buffy Summers and Genta Umemori. Yes, the Vampire Slayer and ShinkenGold. Genta’s definitely not Buffy’s usual type, but he’d be good for her. A lot more light hearted, human, somewhat goofy, but with a heart of gold (ha, ha. Punny), it’d be interesting to see how he stands next to the Slayer. And what he might create to keep his girl alive. Hm…

Stay tuned. The craziness continues.